Concrete Surfaces

This past weekend I decided to experiment with concrete. I wanted to create a surface with texture and different than wood. I walked through the construction material isles at Home Depot and found the perfect wood to use running at about $10 a piece. I purchased quick mix of concrete, gloves and a few paint colors I wanted to try out. 

Once the concrete mix is ready, you apply a good amount to your wood and begin to spread throughout until you cover the entire area. You get to decide how much texture you want or how smooth you would like it to be.

Once you have the entire surface covered with the desired texture, it should sit for 24 hours to dry. After it has dried, you may choose to sand before painting to remove excess material. 

Now the fun part, you can't mess this up. Get your paint and decide how to apply it. I generally leave the middle section of my surfaces a bit lighter so I start with my darkest colors from the outside in, but with this guy I decided to just have fun.  Because of its texture, you can certainly use different ways to apply your paint, like a brush, rag, spray or sponge. I opted for a painting sponge because I like the way it drives the paint and blends in the colors together and I don't have to do additional blending.

Once done with painting I let the surface dry in the sun.